Covid-19 Statement

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

We are today living in new and unpredictable times. It is a very challenging time for us all as we try to balance government regulations and recommendations, personal and community safety, and the responsibilities of our businesses, professions, community, and family lives.  Our current circumstances call for adaptability, agility, strength, and UNITY!  Something we Rotarians are very good at. I wanted to share with you some information I found on the Internet the other day that I found inspiring. In a five minute plus message from our Rotary International past, President Mark Maloney, on COVID-19, he reports his disappointment about the canceling of so many Rotary events around the globe including the 2020 International Convention that was scheduled to host over 20,000 Rotarians in Hawaii. “This is the decision that Rotary leaders needed to make to flatten the curve,” Maloney stated. “Our Rotary Action plan calls on us to increase our ability to adapt. For Clubs, that means finding new ways to connect and meet. We are looking to you for innovation and are eager to share your best ideas. Please take the time in these online meeting to determine how your Club can help us through this crisis.”

A statement on indicates that RI is closely monitoring the pandemic of COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus, and continuously assessing the potential impact on Rotary operations, events, and members. “Your health and safety are always our top priorities… In the near term, Rotary International recommends that Rotary districts and Rotaract Clubs meet virtually, cancel, or postpone meetings and events following the advice of national and local health officials. Rotary encourages members and their families to take precautions to protect themselves from contracting the virus by washing your hands often and thoroughly, putting distance between yourself and others if COVID-19 is spreading in your community, and staying home if you are sick.”

I urge all of you to be safe and wear your masks in public places. I look forward to our regular club meetings and community engagement being held on Zoom and GoToMeeting platforms until this pandemic eventually passes.

Yours in service before self,

Robert DeFranco