You can’t miss out on this amazing fundraiser – slow whole smoked BBQ pork butts, yum yum!  So come on and pig out for Rotary, we sure do need you, and so do the kids of Crescent City!

We need your support!  Due to our beloved Swine & Wine event being suspended this year due to COVID (only second to our Catfish Festival), Rotary Club of Crescent City will be pre-selling smoked whole pork butts – being made by fellow Rotarian and Putnam County Commissioner, Larry Harvey and our Rotarian volunteers.  All proceeds support Rotary Club of Crescent City and our “Dollars for Scholars” program, funding scholarships for local high school seniors to attend college.  So what are you waiting for?  For $25 you can have a mouth-watering whole smoked pork butt!

Pick-up will be at the Winn-Dixie parking lot in Crescent City, located at 115 N Summit Street, Crescent City FL 32112 on Saturday, 10/3/2020 from noon to 3:00pm.  Thank-you to Winn-Dixie Manager, Larry Court, for allowing us to host our delivery day, we appreciate all you do to support Rotary!

To order: Contact any Rotarian, or call Kelvin at 386-937-2021 by 10/2/2020.  You can pre-order via cash, check, or Credit Card.

Thank you for your support and making a difference in our community!